The Prepatory Foundation for Boston Prep

Boston, MA

Amount granted: $35,000

Grant year: 2020

Grant category: Education


To support the addition of an Alumni Counselor in its Persistence Project that helps Boston Prep graduates successfully navigate the college experience, as well as to provide support for the Persistence Project’s micro-grant program.

The Preparatory Foundation directly supports the operation of Boston Prep, a Commonwealth charter school, accepting Boston students via a public lottery and serving them in grades six through twelve with a mission to prepare students to succeed in four-year colleges and to embody, in thought and action, lifelong ethical growth.

Over the past year, Boston Prep completed a robust research project to better understand the factors associated with college success. That research revealed several factors associated with success, including active coaching for college students, rapid credit accumulation, deep engagement on campus, and having a “posse” for support.   In response to these findings, Boston Prep is launching a pilot of a redesigned Persistence Project, an ongoing program that provides intensive support to students in college.