Grant Category: Human Services

Feeding Children Everywhere

Longwood, FL

Amount granted: $20,000

Grant year: 2020

Grant category: Human Services


$20,000 to cover the cost of meals, shipping, and handling for 500 Full Cart grocery boxes to families in the New York City area who have been identified as needing food assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feeding Children Everywhere is dedicated to the vision of a hunger-free world. Since 2010, FCE has activated more than 800,000 volunteers to package and distribute over 127 million meals to children and families in need. FCE offers a wide range of programs, from international development to domestic meal distribution to disaster relief to micro farming grants. One of its most successful programs has been its Full Cart program, which provides grocery boxes each containing 125 meals of non perishable food to the doorsteps of families who are in the federal supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP), but had a low balance on their SNAP accounts.

Dutchess Outreach

Poughkeepsie, NY

Amount granted: $20,000

Grant year: 2020

Grant category: Human Services


$20,000 to support the increased requests for food as a result of COV19.

Dutchess Outreach has operated emergency food access and relief programs and services in Dutchess County for more than 46 years. During the COVID pandemic, Dutchess Outreach increased its outreach efforts to fulfill the increasing needs of its neighbors who suffered food insecurity.

The Community Fund of Darien

Darien, CT

Amount granted: $30,000

Grant year: 2020

Grant category: Human Services


$30,000 to support four organizations providing mental health support for children and youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founded in 1951, the Community Fund of Darien plays a significant role in addressing the health and human services needs in Darien, Norwalk and Stamford through strategic leadership and grantmaking. Its mission is to enhance the capacity of the community to care for one another by assisting the community to identify and prioritize its need, and provide cost effective fundraising, distribute funds to meet identified community.

Maine Children’s Alliance

Augusta, Maine

Amount granted: $15,000

Grant year: 2021

Grant category: Human Services


$15,000 to support The Maine Children’s Alliance (MCA)’s Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book, the state’s only comprehensive report of the physical, social, economic and educational well-being of Maine children. The data and analysis inform effective and data-driven policy change in the state.

The Maine Children’s Alliance (MCA) is a public policy, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Maine children, youth and families through research, collaboration and advocacy. For 25 years, MCA has promoted best policies and practices to make sure all Maine children have the resources and opportunity to reach their full potential from birth to adulthood. Activities include collecting and analyzing state data, partnering with organizations and coalitions, and promoting data-driven policy decisions. MCA works to inform, empower, and inspire parents and providers, practitioners and organizations, and advocates and policy makers to make Maine a better place to be a kid.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Food for Health Program

Boston, MA

Amount granted: $50,000

Grant year: 2021

Grant category: Human Services


To support the hospital’s Food for Health Program which provides fresh food delivery to high risk patients who are food insecure during the COVID pandemic.

Founded in 1972, Bowdoin Street Health Center (BSHC), is BIDMC’s flagship community health center, and has been a cornerstone of Dorchester’s Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood for more than 40 years. At the health center, BIDMC physicians and medical staff provide critical pediatric and adult primary care, with a specialization in chronic disease management, integrated behavioral health, and maternal care. In order to help meet the increasing hunger insecurity in the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood during the COVID-19 pandemic, BSHC is committed to providing increased food access for families.

Food Bank of Central New York

Syracuse, NY

Amount granted: $20,000

Grant year: 2020

Grant categories: Human Services, Rural Human Services


To support mobile food pantries in and around Syracuse. 

Helping to feed the hungry since 1985, the Food Bank of Central New York (FBCNY) is a multi-faceted organization, working to eliminate hunger by meeting the complex needs of those in communities who are food insecure. For the past 30 years FBCNY has accomplished this through nutritious food distribution, child nutrition programs, outreach, education, and advocacy. Its mobile food pantry (MFP) program delivers food directly to individuals in need and is designed to reach individuals in underserved areas or areas designated as food deserts.

Community Cooks

Somerville, MA

Amount granted: $28,500

Grant year: 2020

Grant category: Human Services


To create a rebranding initiative for the organization. 

Community Cooks, based in Somerville, MA offers free, home-cooked meals to vulnerable populations seeking assistance from direct-service programs. In contributing nutritious and much-needed food, Community Cooks aim to: feed hungry neighbors who might otherwise go without; build a bridge of caring between volunteers and community members in need; and support conditions for program participants to achieve success by alleviating their hunger needs.  Community Cooks is a diverse network of 900 volunteers who prepare and deliver 142 home-cooked group meals each month to 43 Greater Boston direct-service organizations, working on a range of social issues including homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse and issues affecting at-risk youth and low-income seniors.  

Mind Body Moms

Los Altos, CA

Amount granted: $20,000

Grant year: 2018

Grant categories: Human Services, Women and Girls


To support a health and wellness program for low income Spanish speaking mothers in East Palo Alto and Half Moon Bay, California.

The goal of Mind Body Moms is to provide a venue that works to increase social-emotional support, boost physical health, reduce stress, and equip mothers with positive discipline tools.  The expected result is improvement in maternal health and wellness for disadvantaged mother. 

Long Table Harvest

Germantown, NY

Amount granted: $22,000

Grant year: 2017

Grant category: Human Services


To support the expansion of its Gleaning Program to include 12 new food pantries and 17 new farms.

Long Table Harvest is a grassroots organization founded in 2015 with the mission to cultivate social and economic equality in the local food system through dynamic, inclusive and creative collaborations across a diverse rural community.  Long Table Harvest focuses on gleaning and distributing fresh fruits, vegetables and meats from local farms to food pantries as a way of alleviating the burden hunger plays on the community.  In its first year, the Gleaning Program picked up donated produce from 8-15 farms and then distributed it to 15 food pantries and after-school programs in the region.  Funds will be used to expand the program.

Apollo Theater

New York, NY

Amount granted: $20,000

Grant year: 2017

Grant categories: Education, Human Services


To support the expansion of the Young Producer’s Club and Teen Takeover program.

The Apollo Young Producers Club was first formed in 2015 for the alumni of the High School Internship Program. Program participants who have “graduated” from the internship are eligible to continue to meet at the Apollo every month under the continued supervision of the Apollo Theater Academy Education Manager to further their education about technical theater and arts management. The Young Producers Club allows previous interns to continue their education at Apollo by working on events throughout the year, including the Teen Takeover and Mainstage concerts, and Community Programs.