Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill

Hyde Park, NY

Amount granted: $25,000

Grant year: 2017

Grant categories: Education, Women and Girls


To support scholarships for the Girls and Boys Leadership Workshop. 

The Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill works to continue Eleanor Roosevelt’s legacy and focuses on promoting human rights, especially of women, minorities and youth; combating racism; nurturing education and the arts; and the promotion of responsible citizenship.  Among ERVK’s programs are the Race Relations Project, the Welfare Reform and Human Rights Monitoring Project, a lecture series, and the Girls Leadership Workshop.  Specifically, the Girls and Boys Leadership Workshop is an international leadership development program intended for girls and boys entering their sophomore and junior years in high school.  Its objective is to help young adults develop self esteem, confidence, and the skills needed to exercise leadership; to provide opportunities for self-awareness, self definition and growth; to nurture sisterhood, citizenship and social responsibility; and to celebrate the life and legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt.